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Why Adept Adjusting?

We are “adept” at providing the right solutions in loss adjusting. We specialise in claims that require expertise and experience for a successful outcome. Our aim is to establish a timely solution which delivers the promise of an insurance policy to the satisfaction of all parties.

Why Adept and the logo?

Adept: very skilled or proficient at something (Oxford dictionary). We bring a skilled and proficient approach to all our instructions. The logo is a stylised A which is inspired by Origami the skilled art of paper folding.

Who will you work for?

Lloyd’s Underwriters, Managing Agents, Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, Captives, Brokers, Claims Management Companies, Law Firms, Barristers, Government Bodies, FSA, SFO and Corporates.

What work do you do?

Our core work is the adjustment of complex commercial insurance claims but we can help resolve all manner of disputes. Our specialisms are product recall/liability, professional indemnity, technology, transportation, agri-business and major property losses with a financial loss/business interruption aspect.

What makes you different?

We specialise in difficult or complex claims where getting quickly to the key issues and being able work with the stakeholders to make difficult, commercial and timely decisions is vital. We have a record of winning people over levitra dosage and creating solutions that frequently bring positive results from an adverse situation.

Can you handle major incidents?

We can either lead or be part of a team capable of handling the largest incidents. David’s recent work in Chile and New Zealand, following the earthquakes there, is a good example. We bring together the best individuals for a project as required rather than impose a team. Where required le vardenafil (levitra) we are quite happy to work on a team basis with your own experts and consultants or provide additional specialists known to us.

How do your Associates fit in?

David as a Director of Applied Claims Consultancy has access to the their team of claims specialists as required utilising their broad range of claims experience. We also have a network of quality experienced adjusters around http://cialisonline-generic24.com/ the UK and abroad who we can draw on and will create a more formal arrangement as the business develops.

Are you Assessors?

No we are not. We do however work for Corporates, on uninsured aspects, recoveries and losses below the deductible levels or above policy limits. On most liability and business recovery issues the interests of Insurer and Insured are closely aligned and there is rarely any conflict.

Will you work alongside other adjusting firms?

Yes. We have done so providing support at the high end level. We have also audited their work and provided an alternative resource when your usual adjusters are in a conflicted position. We are not seen as a threat to the incumbent adjuster or panel.

We may not have the lowest hourly rate but we always aim to give value for money which is invariably the experience of our clients. We favour working to staged fee budgets particularly on larger projects so you have clarity on the likely cost.

Why are you based in London?

Yes, London is still the world centre for insurance and basing ourselves in the insurance sector of the City shows our commitment to being at the forefront of major insurance issues.

Do you work abroad?

Yes. We work on the traditional Home/Foreign basis, travelling out from the UK and controlling the investigations and negotiations ourselves. Where appropriate local resource will be used but we ensure that London Market standards and expectations prevail.

IT support?

We have an in-house IT specialist who also has insurance experience which is invaluable in understanding and resolving technology based claims. We give IT a high priority and are entirely “cloud” based so have secure access to all our data wherever we are.

What if I want to discuss it further?

Contact us – on a no obligation/no cost basis. We are friendly and will not waste your time if we do not believe that we can be of genuine assistance.